The best makeup of Hailey Bieber in the style of 2024+photos

Hailey Bieber’s makeup is stylish and natural. She loves pale pink and highlighter. If you want to be classy for the new year, it’s better to say goodbye to heavy makeup and bold red and pink lipsticks.
In the following, we have published some of Hailey Bieber’s makeup for inspiration..

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Hailey Bieber’s makeup

Hailey Bieber's makeup1

How to make up like Hailey Bieber?

  • To make up like Hailey Bieber, use BB cream and CC cream instead of heavy powder.
  • Instead of smoky shade, apply peach and pink shades.
  • Use the same shade for your cheeks and lips.
  • Apply highlighter on the cheek, nose bone and chin.
  • Use mascara sparingly and naturally.
  • Use eyebrow gel to shape the eyebrows and be careful not to change their color too much.
  • For lips, you can use lip gloss instead of lipstick

Hailey Bieber's makeup2 Hailey Bieber's makeup5 Hailey Bieber's makeup4 Hailey Bieber's makeup3

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image: instagram/haileybieber

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