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Grunge makeup like Wednesday: look beautiful and charismatic!

Grunge makeup like Wednesday: Jenna Ortega wears grunge makeup in Wednesday series. This style has gained many fans among young women. In general, two types of makeup are in fashion for the new year: one is clean girl makeup and the other is smoky and grunge makeup.
Depending on your taste and type of style, you can do one of these two. Grunge makeup like Wednesday is for girls who have a serious and charismatic personality. For days when you want to look beautiful and powerful, grunge makeup is perfect.

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But for normal days like going to class or work, a clean girl’s makeup is more suitable and makes you look friendly and kind. So do grunge makeup like Wednesday more for parties.

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About Grunge makeup like Wednesday

Grunge makeup like Wednesday1

Grunge beauty was an extension of grunge fashion, which was an extension of Pacific Northwest culture.

Its key components, like combat boots and layered flannels, were practical for the weather in places like Seattle. And although they weren’t intentionally worn as fashion statements, these core pieces became hallmarks of grunge culture long after it expanded outside the rainy and cold region.

This practicality, paired with the nonchalance of its musical originators, led to the unpolished drama of the makeup trend.

In the ’90s, grunge makeup most likely included three components: a matte base, dark lipstick and smoky eyes. Now, it can include a variation of the three. Page says that the trend that helped define the ’90s isn’t much different than the grunge makeup you might see now; its moody essence is still there.

Grunge makeup like Wednesday:

Lacquered Lips

Grunge makeup like Wednesday2

Grunge makeup like Wednesday: Dark lipstick, like a rich berry or brick red, is a grunge staple. A look like this could fool anyone into thinking you’re a low-key rockstar.

Aubergine Accents

Shimmer eyeshadow can help lighten a look that centers around a dark aubergine lip like this.

Subtle Smoke

Grunge makeup like Wednesday3

Grunge makeup like Wednesday: A heavy black pencil is a perfect starting point for grunge newbies. This soft and subtle smoky eye serves as an easy entryway into the trend.

Sleepless Shadow

Listening to emotionally devastating music until the wee hours of the night made sleepy under-eyes cool in the ’90s. Trade in the all-nighters for eight hours of sleep and a matte red eyeshadow to get the same look today.

Spidery Lashes

Grunge makeup like Wednesday4

We love the intensity layers (and layers) of volumizing mascara add to a jet-black liner look.

Moody Eyes

A heavy hand isn’t necessarily a requirement for the trend. Swapping out a dark eyeliner for a smoky shadow works just as well.

Warm Browns

Grunge makeup like Wednesday5

To recreate this warm, monochromatic look, layer on a dark brown shadow and match it with a deep brown lip.

Pitch Black

Fresh, glowy skin and a subtle sheen on the lips let these smoldering smoky eyes take center stage. To avoid fallout when you recreate the look, make sure to apply your eye makeup first, then follow with your base routine.

Smoky Tightline

Kohl-rimmed eyes and a haze of brown shadow will leave you looking like you rolled straight from bed to the recording studio.

Cyber Grunge

Shimmery smokey eyes, dark lips and bleached brows put a futuristic spin on grunge makeup. For an ombré lip, line your lips with a black or dark red lip pencil, then add a bright red lipstick.

Elongated Eyeliner

A reverse cat-eye and sharp inner corner give your eyes a sultry, elongated effect. Pair it with a dark maroon gloss, like Glossy Liquid Lipstick.


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