Hollywood – a name known in every nook and corner of the globe. Most people worldwide know Hollywood as a movie industry, and significantly fewer people (of course, leaving the Americans) to be Tinseltown, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, and home to the American entertainment industry. The star-studded city is a major tourist destination in America with an endless list of spots to visit. All people with movie love and will never be without knowing Hollywood. Let’s now have a ride knowing what Hollywood is.

Hollywood Location

Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles County, California, mostly within the city of Los Angeles. Its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the U.S. film industry and the people associated with it. Many notable film studios, such as Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures, are located near or in Hollywood.

Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in 1903. The northern and eastern parts of the neighborhood were consolidated with the City of Los Angeles in 1910. Soon thereafter a prominent film industry emerged, having developed first on the East Coast. Eventually it became the most recognizable in the world. Los Angeles city neighborhoods that make up part of the Hollywood area are North Hollywood, East Hollywood, and the independent municipality of West Hollywood.

Why Is Hollywood So Popular?

Hollywood is the biggest film industry in the world. Why is it so popular? What makes Hollywood different and unique from other film industries? Let’s check out:

  • Huge audience:  Hollywood movies are released around the world and thus have a vast audience and followers. Another major factor that contributes to its fan following is the language. English is a language spoken and understood widely around the world. However, presently Hollywood invests in the USA and other film industries in other countries.
  • Professionalism: Hollywood is known for its professionalism in every aspect. The scenes or parts of the movie will hardly have flaws and are depicted with perfection.
  • Keeping in track: Hollywood movies stick to one concept throughout the movie and do not deviate from the track. If the plot is an action-thriller, the movie concentrates on the plot alone.
  • Variety: Hollywood movies come with various subjects, unlike the other film industries with the same plots with slight variation. The audience gets to see a variety of plots, genre, and stories and never get bored.
  • Technology and Graphics: Technology and graphics take the lead in Hollywood with experts who know their job. Some movies with excellent graphics and effects include Avengers, Planet of the Apes, Gravity, Jurassic Park, and Avtar.
  • Sound effects: Hollywood has shown the world how sound effects contribute majorly to a scene in a movie. Hollywood movies have one of the best soundtracks with exceptional effects.
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