Bella Hadid and her boyfriend in cowboy clothes and leather + photo

Bella Hadid and her boyfriend: This ain’t Texas, this is New York City. On May 3, Bella Hadid briefly ditched her rodeo-ready aesthetic for a black leather look while out on the town with Adan Banuelos. Stay with this part of celebrities from the series of entertainment in Eternal Pen magazine.

Bella Hadid and her boyfriend

Bella Hadid and her boyfriend1
Bella Hadid and her boyfriend

For one of her looks from the evening, the 27-year-old model went for a downtown vibe in slashed leather pants, a white t-shirt, and black bomber jacket. Though Hadid was spotted in another pair of leather pants and black cowboy boots earlier in the day, she traded those in for a pair of city stomping moto boots for this particular outing.

Meanwhile, her 34-year-old equestrian boyfriend managed to coordinate with Hadid while sticking to his roots by pairing a silky black button up with blue jeans, a Western-style belt with a large belt buckle, snakeskin boots, and topping everything off with a black cowboy hat.

Bella Hadid and her boyfriend Adan Banuelos

Bella Hadid

The couple were all smiles as they held hands in NYC just three evenings before the biggest fashion event of the year. Fingers crossed the couple decides to make their red carpet debut at the 2024 Met Gala on May 6, as a cowboy take on “The Garden of Time” would surely be a delight to witness.

Bella Hadid and her boyfriend Adan Banuelos

Of course, it’s possible Banuelos was just in town to support Bella Hadid, who launched her new skin-care based fragrance line earlier this week. On the same evening as their pap walk, Hadid attended the Orabella launch party in a vintage Roberto Cavalli printed yellow dress, which she paired with a matching corset and gold stiletto sandals.

Bella Hadid 2

Bella Hadid and her boyfriend: Bella Hadid is seen on the way to the Orebella launch event on May 3, 2024. MEGA
“I really wanted to have something that was still accessible to people, that is sexy,” she told Glamour of Orabella. “It is cool and fun. But also just for people to know that you don’t need anything else.”

She continued, “Just being able to get out of the shower, lather it all over your body, or even going to sleep at night and to be able to put it on not only for yourself but for your significant other, and your skin feels amazing afterwards. That’s something that differentiates us from the rest of the products that are out there right now.”


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