The latest photos of Beyoncé in cowboy style at 42 years old

Beyoncé in cowboy style: This 42-year-old singer, who is always known for her luxurious and glamorous styles, has popularized the cowboy style among young people in the latest photos. Her hats have quickly become popular in the markets.

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An analysis of Google Trends search data reveals that internet searches for several “cowgirl aesthetic”-related fashion items have exploded worldwide amid Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter album release today.

The study by fashion experts Dalston Mill Fabrics reveals which items fans are seeking out most to adopt Beyoncé’s new look, according to global Google searches.

Beyoncé in cowboy style

Beyoncé in cowboy style1

The analysis revealed that searches for “flared jeans” hit an all-time high worldwide, skyrocketing a massive 372 percent, following Beyoncé’s Instagram post promoting the new release.

Searches for “denim vest’ also soared 105 percent globally compared to the last five years after the picture of the singer sporting a chic double denim look hit social media.

Beyoncé in cowboy style2

Not only has Beyoncé begun a new wave of cowboy-inspired fashion just in time for summer, but her latest looks may also catapult an iconic noughties style back into mainstream fashion.

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Beyoncé in cowboy style3 Beyoncé in cowboy style4


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