Biography of Nicholas Galitzine+ everything about his parents

Biography of Nicholas Galitzine: Get to know the people who raised Nicholas Galitzine.

Born on Sept. 29, 1994, the actor grew up in London, England alongside his father, Geoffrey Leo Alexander Galitzine, mother, Lora Maria Konstantina Papayanni, and sister, Lexi Galitzine.

After graduating high school, Galitzine auditioned for an adaptation of Spring Awakening, where he quickly captured the attention of agents.

It wasn’t long after that his career began to take off, with his first film role being 2014’s The Beat Beneath My Feet in 2014, costarring Luke Perry, and his breakout role being 2021’s Cinderella alongside Camila Cabello.

Since then, his career has taken off with lead roles in films such as Purple Hearts and Red, White & Royal Blue; coming up next, he’ll costar with Julianne Moore in Mary & George, and Anne Hathaway in The Idea of You.

Though his parents aren’t in the spotlight like him, he has talked about them and how they played a role in his early career during various interviews.

Here’s everything to know about Galitzine’s parents.

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Biography of Nicholas Galitzine


They have two children

Biography of Nicholas Galitzine2
Nicholas Galitzine sister

Biography of Nicholas Galitzine: Galitzine is his parents’ second child, after elder sister Lexi.

During an interview with The New York Times, Galitzine recalled that his acting beginnings started with his sister, who used to make him put on plays for their family when they would vacation on the Greek islands during the holidays.

They raised him in London, England


Biography of Nicholas Galitzine: Galitzine was born in Hammersmith, a district of West London, England. For high school, he attended Dulwich College, a private day and boarding school for boys. Growing up, he participated in a variety of sports, including soccer, track and rugby, per The New York Times.

However, after various injuries, Galitzine told the publication he began to lose interest in sports. “I was just losing complete faith in the reliability of my body,” he explained. “I was coming into my own as a sensitive young man, and I was jarring up against these archaic ideals.”

His parents were unsure about him becoming an actor at first

Biography of Nicholas Galitzine3
Nicholas Galitzine father

Biography of Nicholas Galitzine: After high school, Galitzine’s parents expected him to attend university, so they were taken aback when he told them he wanted to act as his career. “They started out being terrified of my job,” he told The Cut. “They’d worked so hard to give me the best chance in life. And then I’m like, ‘Psych! I’m going to go off and become a disheveled artist.’”

Speaking with Variety, he explained that in between booking acting gigs, he was also working various part-time jobs to make end’s meet, including catering, working at a yogurt shop and doing retail at Abercrombie & Fitch.

His dad previously worked in finance

Biography of Nicholas Galitzine1
Nicholas Galitzine parents

Biography of Nicholas Galitzine: According to The Times, Galitzine’s dad previously worked in finance in London, but has transitioned into eco entrepreneurship in recent years. Per his LinkedIn, he co-founded Smash & Grab Glass Recycling Ltd, an “innovative recycling company which designed and developed a unique, small footprint, waste bottle compactor aimed primarily at hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs and wine bars.”

After Specialist Waste Recycling Ltd acquired the company in 2011, he stayed on as a consultant.

His mother is of Greek descent

Biography of Nicholas Galitzine: Galitzine’s mother is of Greek descent, and he’s discussed his pride in his heritage in interviews. “The reason I feel so patriotically Greek is because I grew up with just the largest family,” he previously told The Cut of his Greek roots. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding has a lot of false stereotypes in it, but large families is not one of them.”

Speaking with Attitude magazine about the type of roles he’d love to take on next, he replied, “I’d love to do something in Ancient Greece being a Greek myself.”

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