Cardi B’s Weirdest Heels You’ve Never Seen+ Photos

Cardi B’s Weirdest Heels: Cardi B stood tall in her latest music video, “Enough (Miami).” The rapper from the Bronx put on a variety of eye-catching, over-the-top heels in the music video released on Friday.

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Styled by Kollin Carter, Cardi B cycled through a series of shoes, the most notable of which was a pair of sculptural red heels, custom-made by designer Carolin Holzhuber.

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Cardi B’s Weirdest Heels

Cardi B's Weirdest Heels1

Cardi B’s Weirdest Heels: “Kollin wanted a specific red that fits with the head piece made by the designer Robert Wun. Unfortunately, I couldn’t source a leather in that exact red within this short time. So the decision was that I crafted the boots all in white and Kollin’s team painted them red later,” Holzhuber told FN. “After we agreed on everything, there were only five days left to handcraft the pair of boots, which was quite stressful and a lot of work in such a short time, but definitely worth it and I am very thankful that Kollin and his team trusted my work again and included it so beautifully,” she added.

Cardi B's Weirdest Heels2

The peep-toe boots are an elaborate style. Made of red leather, they feature a front panel that goes up Cardi B’s shin but lace up in the back. The platform is sculptural, featuring a cutout beneath the toe bed of the footwear as well as another piece coming off the elevated heel.

Cardi B’s Weirdest Heels: “To make all the designs steadfast but at the same time light I have developed a carbon fiber shoe sole that I use for every pair of my handcrafted sculptural footwear,” Holzhuber said.

In the “Enough” music video, Cardi also wore a clear lucite platform Pleaser and heavily embellished black over-the-knee boots.

The designer behind Cardi B’s boots

Cardi B's Weirdest Heels3
Image source: vogue

Cardi B’s Weirdest Heels: Carolin Holzhuber is an Austrian-born designer known for her sculptural shoes. Her styles have been worn by other stars, including Erykah Badu, Beyoncé and more.

” I make one to two collections per year and all shoes are made to order. My clients contact me directly to get a pair made either from my collections or to get a custom-made design,” Holzhuber said. “When I design a new collection, sometimes the vision is very clear, and it doesn’t take many sketches to have the final designs. Other times, it can happen that I sit down and sketch and sketch probably more than 100 designs to pick out 6-8 where I get a feeling of a certain satisfaction.”

Cardi B’s Weirdest Heels: “Each collection has a theme that symbolizes my thoughts the are sometimes even political, critical thoughts. Fashion always mirrors the society and time we live in; therefore, I hope to create something like a critical mirror with my work. The wearer but also the observer should get inspired to question the status quo,” she said.

Cardi B’s Weirdest Heels: Cardi B is known for her eye-catching footwear style. In 2020, she was named FN’s Style Influencer of the Year. Her breakout song “Bodak Yellow” also included a hook mentioning “bloody shoes,” referring to Christian Louboutin heels. Since then, she and longtime stylist Kollin Carter have made it a habit to find key shoes.

In Cardi’s music video for “Like What,” she wore a pant-boot by Y/Project. Those Glenn Martens-designed boots were originally denim, but Carter and his team had them dyed black and crystallized with more than 75,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals.

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