Jane Seymour in Korean hanbok next to her son and korean daughter-in-law+ photos of dresses

Jane Seymour in Korean hanbok: The British actress attended her son Kristopher Keach’s wedding in Seoul, South Korea, and paid tribute to her new daughter-in-law Miso’s culture with her choice of attire.

Seymour, 71, wore a traditional, custom-made Korean hanbok featuring a sweeping pale pink skirt and powder blue cropped jacket.

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Before the wedding festivities, the “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” star toured the city in another hanbok in black and red, captioning one snap, “Seoul has captured my heart! This is a beautifully-made, traditional Korean hanbok. What’s your favourite thing about the hanbok?”

She also shared a shot of herself and 26-year-old Kris in traditional Korean clothing, writing, “The detail on these garments is just exceptional.”

According to Hello, Seymour’s hanbok was a gift from Miso’s parents, and she previously wore the look to the couple’s Malibu nuptials in December 2021.

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Jane Seymour in Korean hanbok

Jane Seymour in Korean hanbok1

Jane Seymour in Korean hanbok2

Jane Seymour in Korean hanbok3

Jane Seymour in Korean hanbok4


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