Julianne Moore’s family: high-class husband and lovely children+biography

Julianne Moore’s family: Julianne Moore balances her acting career with parenting her two kids, Caleb Moore Freundlich and Liv Helen Moore Freundlich.

The May December actress met her husband, Bart Freundlich, when he was directing her film The Myth of Fingerprints in 1996. The couple welcomed Caleb in 1997 and Liv in 2002 — what she called “the happiest days of my life” — before getting married in 2003.

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And while Moore continued making time for her career she also maintained flexibility in her work to accommodate her family’s schedule.

Julianne Moore’s family: “I can’t go to Europe for four months during the school year,” she told The Guardian in 2010. “Just like every other working parent I’m trying to figure out: ‘How do I work, how am I available for soccer games, how can I make sure that I’m home when everybody’s doing their homework?’ So if I come to do press in London, I come for two days, and I get right back home.”

These days, both of Moore’s kids are all grown up, with Cal working as a musician and Liv attending college. Still, she always puts them first. “My family makes me most happy,” Moore told PEOPLE. “It would be miserable without them.”

Julianne Moore biography

Julianne Moore's family1
Julianne Moore and her son

1-Julianne Moore was born on December 3, 1960.

Julianne Moore’s family: Julianne Moore, the renowned actress, was born on December 3, 1960, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

2-She has Irish and Scottish ancestry.

Julianne Moore's family2
Julianne Moore’s husband and daughter

Julianne Moore’s heritage can be traced back to Ireland and Scotland, adding to her diverse background.

3-She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Moore honed her acting skills at Boston University, where she earned a degree in Fine Arts.

4-Julianne Moore is an accomplished author.

Julianne Moore's family3
Julianne Moore’s daughter

Julianne Moore’s family: In addition to her acting career, Moore has written several children’s books, including “Freckleface Strawberry” and its sequels.

5-She has been nominated for seven Golden Globe Awards.

In addition to her Academy Award recognition, Moore has also received multiple nominations for her outstanding performances in various films and TV shows.

6-She is fluent in German.

Julianne Moore's family4
Julianne Moore’s husband and son

Julianne Moore’s family: Moore’s love for languages led her to become fluent in German, allowing her to take on roles in both English and German-speaking films.

7-She has two children with her husband, Bart Freundlich.

Moore and Freundlich have been married since 2003 and are proud parents to their son and daughter.


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