Millie Bobby Brown’s favorite drink that she drinks every day for health and beauty + photo

Millie Bobby Brown’s favorite drink: With Damsel now streaming on Netflix, the film’s star Millie Bobby Brown has been gracing our social feeds a lot more this week.

And in a recent video with GQ, the actor shared her top 10 things she can’t live without—featuring food and drinks, which of course piqued our interest.

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Before we get into her go-to gut-healthy drink she swears by, let’s talk about the delicious spring food she adores. Her favorite snack is an in-season veggie we’re also big fans of.

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Millie Bobby Brown’s favorite drink

Millie Bobby Brown's favorite drink1
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Millie Bobby Brown’s favorite drink: “I love carrots,” Brown exclaimed in the video. “Carrots are my favorite, I think about carrots all the time. I have outfits dedicated to just carrots. Don’t even need them with a good dipping sauce, I’ll just eat straight-up carrots.” If you love carrots just as much as the Stranger Things star, then you definitely need to try some of our highly rated recipes starring the spring vegetable.

Other than a “good bottle of water”, Brown’s drink of choice is a fermented beverage full of probiotics: kombucha.

“Your girl’s gotten down with the flu quite a few times, so this is really good for your gut,” she raves. “I mean, it is amazing.”

Brown’s brand of choice is Health-Ade, with Pink Lady and Berry Lemonade being her go-to flavors. And if it’s cold and flu season, she’ll grab the Ginger-Lemon flavor to support her immune system.

“All of these are in my house, I drink one every single day,” she says.

Millie Bobby Brown’s favorite drink: Kombucha is a hydrating, gut-supporting drink that boasts the same health benefits of tea, so it’s a great choice for Brown’s digestive health. Health-Ade’s kombucha can have upward of 13 grams of added sugar per serving, which is OK if you’re not consuming other significant sources of added sugar in your day. For a lower-sugar option, try making your own kombucha at home with our Homemade Kombucha recipe.

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