Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce family photos: father, mother and brother+ biography

Travis Kelce family photos: American football player Travis Kelce is considered one of the best dressed athletes in America. It might be interesting for you to get to know his family members as well.

We have collected photos of Travis Kelce’s father, mother and brother from his personal page that you will find interesting.

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In addition, in this text, we also discuss the biography of Travis Kelce. So don’t miss this article to read Travis Kelce’s biography and see his family photos!

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Travis Kelce’s biography

Travis Kelce family photos6

Travis Kelce, a renowned American football player, was born on October 5, 1989, in Westlake, Ohio. His birthplace played a crucial role in shaping his journey to becoming the superstar he is today.

Travis Kelce has been one of the biggest stars in the NFL for the past decade.

Aside from his skills on the field, his love life has long been of much interest to fans, especially after his reality dating show Catching Kelce.

As the obsession continues over Travis’ relationship with Taylor Swift, the spotlight has also been on his family members, especially as they’ve spent time with the popstar at the games.

His older brother, Jason Kelce was also an NFL player. He played the center for the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 years. The brothers are extremely close with their support parents, Donna and Ed Kelce. Find out more about Travis’ family here!

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Travis Kelce family photos

Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce family photos3
Travis Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce family photos: Travis is the younger brother of fellow NFL star Jason Kelce. Jason joined the NFL as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011, and like his brother, he only played for one team his whole career.

As the former center for the Birds, Jason has had similar success to his younger brother, playing in six Pro Bowls, and he won a Super Bowl championship in 2018. The two brothers faced off in Super Bowl LVII, where Travis and the Chiefs ultimately won.

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Travis Kelce family photos1
Travis Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce family photos: Jason announced his retirement from the NFL in March 2024 following a 13-season career.

Jason has been married to his wife Kylie McDevitt since 2018. The couple have three daughters.

Travis Kelce family photos

Donna Kelce

Travis Kelce family photos4
Travis Kelce and his mother Donna Kelce

Travis Kelce family photos: Travis is the younger son of a proud mama, Donna Kelce! Donna is a retired senior vice president for Truist, which she stepped down from in 2021. Since retiring, she’s been a full-time NFL mom with two sons to root for!

Travis Kelce family photos2
Travis Kelce and his mother Donna Kelce


Travis Kelce family photos: Donna has spent a fair amount of time with Taylor since she started dating her son. She’s even made nods to some of the memes that have arisen amid the popstar’s romance with Travis. After the Chiefs won the AFC Championship, Taylor was seen hugging Donna on the field as they celebrated the victory.

Ed Kelce

Travis Kelce family photos5
Travis Kelce and his father Ed Kelce

Travis Kelce family photos: Donna was married to Jason and Travis’ dad Ed for almost 25 years. He had a long career in the steel industry, having a family with a strong military background, per People.

The couple split up, but they opened up about why they stayed together for so long because of their kids in the documentary Kelce.

“If we had split as we probably both would have preferred, that would have been a nightmare with the logistics, getting kids where they had to be and providing all the support,” Ed said, via People. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ed moved closer to Jason to spend time with his granddaughters.

Like his ex-wife, Ed has spent time with Taylor while cheering on Travis and the Chiefs.

Ed was seen chatting with Taylor at one of Travis’ game in October 2023. While they’ve been spending a lot of time together, Travis’ dad did admit that he didn’t know Taylor when they first met.

He joked that he felt like “a real idiot” for not recognizing her in a radio interview. “Taylor comes in, walks in with a security guard and I look at her and I had my girlfriend with me and I mention to Maureen, ‘Oh my god, I know this kid but I don’t know what her name is,’” he said, noting that he regularly met lots of people during Chiefs games.

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