Zendaya’s 90s Style: She Looks Elegant and Feminine Even in a Man’s coat + Full Photo

Zendaya’s 90s Style:The French manicure has lived many lives–and for good reason, its versatility means it can be worn with all manner of ensembles.

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Zendaya’s 90s Style

Zendaya's 90s Style1

it’s polished and chic, without being too in your face. And while it’s easy to update with different color palettes–think matcha green or jet-black tips–many of us return to the classic nude style time and time again.

Ever one of the girlies, Zendaya just stepped out sporting a chunky, ’90s-inspired French manicure.

Suited and booted in a vintage Ralph Lauren blazer dress–complete with pocket handkerchief–the star, who is currently on the press trail for her new tennis-themed film, Challengers, paired the fun androgynous look with an elegant French.

Set upon relatively long and square-tipped nails, Zendaya’s manicure combined creamy white tips with a sheer nude, and paired perfectly with her bronzed skin and minimal, slicked-back ponytail. Having previously sported a number of court-inspired looks to promote the film (she plays a tennis star), Zendaya’s new nails perhaps don’t lend themselves well to an actual match–breakage risk level: high.


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