Hozier Biography: Interesting facts about the tall introverted singer

Hozier Biography: “I don’t feel famous, fame is a funny word. There’s a lot about celebrity culture, there’s a lot about fame that I find quite absurd.” – Andrew Hozier-Byrne.

The introverted and quietly charming Irish musician, singer and songwriter we know from his multi-Platinum, Grammy-nominated anthem ‘Take me to Church’, captured our attention from the very beginning with his humble nature.

We’ve come to know Hozier as intelligent, kind, thoughtful in his manner, and just as much of a talented artist as he is a decent human being.

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Hozier Biography

Hozier Biography1

1. He’s a pisces

Hozier Biography: Yep, the caring, creative, compassionate, tender and sensitive star sign. Not a hard one to guess. But get this – he’s born on March 17th, 1990.. St Patty’s Day!

2. He’s hella tall

Bonus. We have a whole 6 foot 3 (with luscious locks on top) to look at on stage.

3. His first album cover was painted by his Mum

She also designed the latest album cover for Wasteland, Baby! where we see photos of Hozier chilling on a chair underwater. He reveals in one interview, he genuinely did have a room filled with water in Germany to shoot those photos – it wasn’t photoshop!

4. He didn’t vibe with the teen years

Hozier Biography: He describes it as a difficult time between youth and adulthood where you don’t really know where you fit in. He took the role of class clown to avoid social hierarchies.

5. Fans were able to call him at a point

No kidding. Hozier released his personal number on Twitter after the release of his first album so fans could call him! Check it:

6. His old man was a blues drummer

– And a good one, in the Dublin pub band ‘Free Booze’. The rare mix of Dad’s love for the blues and limited access to crappy internet, were two factors that drove Hozier to constantly skim through his Dad’s records. Pop music never really ticked his boxes; he soon grew his own love for the power of blues and jazz.

7. His new album was a result of isolation, and screaming

Hozier admits that living in the countryside with no neighbours or noise meant he could scream into the microphone, and write lyrics. Definitely not the result I get when I have some alone time…


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