Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts says he can talk to fishes!+ Photo

Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts: Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts believes he can speak to fish.

The 67-year-old actor – who is the brother of ‘Pretty Woman’ star Julia, 56, and the father of ‘Wild Child‘ actress Emma Roberts – often sings to the fish he keeps in his pond and believes in inspiring others to follow a vegan diet for himself.

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Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts

Julia Roberts' brother Eric Roberts1
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Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts: He said: “I’m convinced the fish in our pond recognise my singing voice and know to come for food when they hear me. I’d almost anything to protect an animal, and that includes encouraging people not to think of animals as food.”

The ‘Babylon’ actor also explained that he likes to start every day with a cup of green tea and when it comes to getting more vegetables into his diet, he sprinkles everything with rboccolo but did admit to enjoying the odd slice of fresh pizza.

He said: “I start each day with green tea.

“I sprinkle broccoli and cauliflower on almost anything and add mustard to most things.

“I love pizza, especially with fresh tomatoes.”

Just weeks ago, Eric paid tribute to Emma – who started her career on the Nickelodeon series ‘Unfabulous’ before going on to roles in ‘Scream Queens’ and ‘Holidate’ – on her 32nd birthday, where he noted how proud he was of all that she had accomplished.

Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts: He told Page Six Emma’s rom-com ‘Maybe I Do’ is his “favourite” of her films so far and added he considers the ‘Scream Queens’ actress his “precious daughter” – and said he knew she’d “grow up to be all that and more”.

Emma is Eric’s only child from his relationship with ex Kelly Cunningham and the actor – is a stepfather to two children with his wife Eliza Roberts.

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