Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian: Take my kids out of school

Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian: Kanye West has publicly asked his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to take their children out of their “fake school for celebrities.”

“Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon now it’s a fake school for celebrities that are used by ‘the system,’” the rapper wrote in all-caps on Instagram Wednesday night.

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He captioned the bizarre post, “At this point everybody knows what ‘the system’ is code word for. I was removed from my dad by the system and the system removed me from my children.

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Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian

Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian1
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have four kids: North, 10, Saint, 8, Chicago, 6, and Psalm, 4.

Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian: The exes, who have been divorced since 2021, share four kids: North, 10, Saint, 8, Chicago, 6, and Psalm, 4.

Since their rocky split, the pair have been arguing about how to raise their children.

“When the system drafts athletes they avoid working with those who have their father in their life because they are harder to manipulate.”

“My two oldest know they daddy is,” the “All Falls Down” hitmaker added.

Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian: The four kids attend Sierra Canyon School full-time, but used to have extracurricular activities at West’s now-shuttered Donda Academy — a Christian private school opened by the rapper in 2022 and named after his late mother Donda West.

Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian

Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian2
Kim Kardashian children in a brlack and violet styles

Kanye West pleads with Kim Kardashian: While Ye might not agree with all of Kardashian’s parenting techniques, he previously admitted that the Skims founder has their kids “80 percent of the time.”

The musician’s past antics have caused major friction between the exes in recent years, with Kardashian even ramping up security measures for her children during West’s public outbursts in 2022.

The mom of four hired additional security to guard her kids’ private school at the time, but made it clear it was not to protect her progeny from their dad, but because the Yeezy designer revealed the school’s name.

West, 46, has been on a full self-guided press tour ranting about how he would prefer his kids to attend Donda Academy, where parents reportedly have to sign NDAs.

In Sept. 2022, the “All of the Lights” rapper said he and Kardashian had a “good conversation” about their kids’ education.

However, it appears any headway the former pair had made has come to a screeching halt, as West told Tucker Carlson that he isn’t willing to “compromise” when it comes to education.

“All they do is take all the celebs’ kids and throw them into this same school,” the rapper said about his kids’ current school, claiming that the administration tries to “indoctrinate them.”

“Right now we’ve come to a compromise — but I’m not finished because I don’t compromise — but we’ve come to a compromise that my kids come to my school after school and they learn choir.”

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