Millie Bobby Brown no makeup: interesting selfies + photos

Millie Bobby Brown no makeup: Millie Bobby Brown is not only an award-winning Hollywood actor but she’s a relatable Queen, too. Now, whether that’s because she’s a fellow Gen Z-er (humble brag) or because she’s a down-to-earth London gal like myself, the 20-year-old is nothing short of candid and charismatic social media content – with her most recent post, ofc, being no exception.

Taking to Instagram just short of 24 hours ago [9 April, 2024], Mills shared a makeup-free selfie that had me snapping my fingers in appreciation and laughing, in equal parts. Confused, much? Well, you won’t be once you, too, lay eyes on said selfie…

Scroll through to the last slide in the below carousel post to see all that I’m gushing over.

Stay with this part of celebrities from the series of entertainment in Eternal Pen magazine.

Millie Bobby Brown no makeup

Millie Bobby Brown no makeup1 Millie Bobby Brown no makeup2 Millie Bobby Brown no makeup3


cosmopolitanImage source: instagram

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