Selena Gomez Biography: Interesting Facts About Selena

Selena Gomez Biography: Selena Gomez is no doubt a household name and wholesome beauty!

She’s had her share of struggles and yet still manages to stay strong.

As she’s said, “just because you’re broken doesn’t mean you have to stay broken.”

Stay with this part of celebrities from the series of entertainment in Eternal Pen magazine.

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Selena Gomez Biography

1-Selena Marie Gomez is 31 years old. She was born on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas.

2-Selena’s zodiac sign is Cancer, and her name means “moon” in Greek.

3-Selena Gomez Biography: Selena Gomez got her start in acting when she was cast on Barney & Friends at the age of seven.

4-Her first kiss was when she was 12 years old with Dylan Sprouse while filming an episode of “Suite Life of Zac and Cody.”

5-Selena Gomez Biography: Selena was appropriately named after the Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Perez. Selena Gomez grew up listening to Selena and wanted a rhinestone corset after watching Jennifer Lopez play Selena in the 1997 biopic.

Selena Gomez Biography Selena Gomez Biography1

6-In 2012, Selena Gomez launched her first fragrance called “Selena.” She describes it as yummy, romantic, and not overbearing.

7-Before that, she launched a clothing line in 2010 called “Dream Out Loud.” The line uses eco-friendly materials, and the tags have inspirational quotes on them.

8-Selena became the youngest UNICEF ambassador when she joined in 2009 at age 17. For her first mission, she traveled to Ghana with UNICEF.

9-Although she voiced Steve Carrell’s daughter in “Horton Hears a Who,” Selena never actually met Steve until after the movie.

10-Selena Gomez Biography: Selena became the first person to hit one hundred million followers on Instagram. Each social media post is valued at $800,000 each.

11-Selena became the first person to hit one hundred million followers on Instagram.
Although she was offered a role in High School Musical 3, she turned it down because she wanted to pursue more serious roles.

12-Interestingly enough, Selena Gomez is not a fan of Harry Potter or even magic in general. Even so, she landed the main character in Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007.

13-Selena has suffered from lupus which causes depression and soreness, among other things, but she only announced it publicly in 2015.

14-She canceled her Europe and South America portions of the Revival tour in 2016 due to complications from the disease. She ended up checking into a rehab facility for 3 months to overcome her anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

15-Selena Gomez Biography: Selena Gomez’s friend, Francia Raisa, donated a kidney to Selena in September 2017 to help her lupus recovery. Although there were complications during the surgery, she made a full recovery.

16-As health-aware as she is, Selena Gomez loves burgers and indulged in a McDonald’s meal before her 2015 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

17-For the Netflix adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why, Selena was an executive producer. She also recorded a single for the show called Back to You.

18-Selena Gomez Biography: Both of the music videos for Lose You to Love Me and Look at Her Now were filmed on iPhone 11 Pro phones.

19-From 2008 to 2012, Selena Gomez was part of the band Selena Gomez and The Scene. Originally she just wanted it to be called “The Scene,” but she added her name as a compromise with her record company to appeal to her fanbase.

20-Selena Gomez Biography: Selena is 5’4″ tall (1.65 meters).

21-Selena’s first CD was Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time, which was also her first concert.

22-In September 2019, Selena Gomez announced she would be the executive producer of the Netflix series Living Undocumented, which follows eight undocumented families in America.

23-Selena Gomez is close friends with Julia Michaels. She is featured in Julia’s song. After they performed it live for the first time together in November 2019, the duo got matching tattoos.

24-Selena Gomez Biography: In order to prepare for her role in the 2011 film Monte Carlo, Selena learned how to play polo and took two weeks of training to learn two different British accents.

25-Selena Gomez Biography: Before performing Lose You to Love Me at the 2019 American Music Awards, Selena Gomez experienced a panic attack, but she powered through and performed anyway!

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