Serena Williams without makeup: changes you will not believe!

Serena Williams without makeup: Serena Jameka Williams (born September 26, 1981) is an American former professional tennis player. She is the only player to accomplish a Career Golden Slam in both singles and doubles.

Stay with this part of celebrities from the series of entertainment in Eternal Pen magazine and see photos of Serena Williams without makeup.

Serena Williams has posted many pictures and videos of herself on Instagram without makeup. Her beauty and confidence with her husband and daughter have attracted the attention of many users.

Such images are inspiring for all young women and girls. The point that women are strong and beautiful and should believe in themselves.

See the following pictures of Serena Williams without makeup:

Serena Williams without makeup1
image source: footwearnews
Serena Williams without makeup3
Serena Williams and her daughter/ image source: https://brightside.me/
Serena Williams without makeup2
Serena Williams and her husband and daughter/image source: https://brightside.me/


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