Street style of J.Lo and Ben Affleck: the special couple with their new style + photo

Street style of J.Lo and Ben Affleck: There is something very particular about the way a rom-com heroine dresses. Certain pieces automatically identify her: a pair of down-to-earth jeans, perhaps, or the kind of blazer that tells us she takes her work seriously, but still manages to look effortlessly fashionable at a moment’s notice.

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Street style of J.Lo and Ben Affleck

Street style of J.Lo and Ben Affleck1

Street style of J.Lo and Ben Affleck: These are the uniforms rom-com protagonists wear as they head to their jobs as architects, bookshop owners, and magazine columnists. So if anyone is capable of pulling off such looks in real life, it’s the queen of rom-coms herself, Jennifer Lopez.

This consisted of a fitted grayish-brown blazer buttoned over a cashmere Brunello Cucinelli scarf covered in white and light gray stripes, paired with relaxed high-rise jeans with a flared silhouette from Mother.

Street style of J.Lo and Ben Affleck2

She added her signature J.Lo touch with a glossy dark brown Hermès Birkin bag, then tied the look together with caramel suede Christian Louboutin booties and pink-tinted octagonal sunglasses by Chloé.

Ben Affleck exuded main-character energy, too. He wore a cozy gray and white cardigan with a shawl collar layered underneath a navy blue coat.

To coordinate, he finished off the look with dark blue pants, blue and white Nike sneakers, a blue T-shirt, and black aviator sunglasses.

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