Who is Ariana Grande’s brother?+ Photos

Ariana Grande’s brother: Frankie and Ariana Grande‘s sibling relationship is nothing short of “eternal sunshine.”

In honor of National Siblings Day on Wednesday, April 10, Frankie, 41, shared a moving tribute to his pop superstar sister Ariana, 30.

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Ariana Grande’s brother

Ariana Grande's brother1

Ariana Grande’s brother: Specifically, the former reality TV star opened up about how supportive the “yes, and?” singer has been of him being nearly seven years sober. Frankie added, “From helping me with my sobriety journey to showing up for me at big moments in my life and career.”

Frankie and Ariana have long been very close with one another and supportive of each other’s careers.

Ariana Grande’s brother: Last October, the Wicked star stepped out to see her brother in the starring role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter at the Bucks County Playhouse’s production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in New Hope, Pennsylvania. After the performance, she continued to spend time with the YouTuber and they shared fun photos on Instagram of their early Halloween celebrations together.

Ariana Grande's brother2

Last October, Frankie opened up to PEOPLE about how close he’s gotten with Ariana over the years, especially since she stood by him amid his sober journey.

“I guess, as you grow, you grow closer together,” he said. “And I think also, my own journey in my own personal life, with sobriety.”

“I think as I’ve grown sober, and more sober, we’ve grown even closer,” the performer continued. “And our relationship is even stronger than I think it’s ever been in our lives.”

Frankie added, “Going through something like that can really change a relationship, and in this case, it was for the much, much, much better and stronger.”


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