Zendaya in a wedding dress in Vogue+ photos

Zendaya in a wedding dress: Move over, Beyoncé. Step aside, Taylor Swift. The latest celebrity to have been granted the rare honour of two simultaneous Vogue covers is Zendaya, cementing her status as the most in-demand star right now.

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Zendaya in a wedding dress

Zendaya in a wedding dress1

Zendaya in a wedding dress: It is a privilege afforded to very few: there was Adele in 2021 – all smouldering bombshell on the then-editor Edward Enninful’s British Vogue cover, and in a sweeping Valentino ballgown on Anna Wintour’s American one – both were ambitious, and many in the fashion industry read them as battle lines being drawn.

Then there was the supermodel quartet of Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell in September last year, in which identical images were used on the British and American editions. Presumably it’s such a coup getting the four women on to one set that Wintour wanted to make the most of the photos. (Condé Nast would probably prefer it if we quietly glossed over that one other time, in 2016, when on learning that American Vogue was to make Rihanna its April cover star, the then-British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman pulled her May Rihanna cover forward by a month so she didn’t run hers second.)

Zendaya in a wedding dress2

Back to Zendaya, though, whose two covers couldn’t be more different. The American one, shot by Annie Leibovitz, shows Zendaya in a Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda rose dress – it’s all polished elegance and glamour, consistent with Adele’s US cover and Wintour’s longstanding vision.

Zendaya in a wedding dress: The British cover, shot by the young Dutch photographer Carlijn Jacobs, features the actress in a track jacket and shorts from the Adidas Originals collaboration with British label Wales Bonner. It’s more youthful, cooler, aspirational yet accessible, and a champion of new talent.

British Vogue’s new head of editorial content, Chioma Nnadi, a Brit who worked under Wintour in New York for more than a decade, reflects on this in her editor’s letter: “Zendaya’s two distinct transatlantic cover shoots this month sit at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum – couture on the one hand, sports luxe on the other – and speak to the range of her talent.”

Zendaya in a wedding dress: The stark contrast between the covers also speaks volumes about the relationship between them. You can instantly see how Wintour and Nnadi are working together in carving two very different identities for their titles. American Vogue is the grande dame while the new incarnation of British Vogue is younger, edgier and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Look at the women at the helm of each magazine and you’ll see these differences reflected in their personal styles too: Wintour is renowned for her love of classically elegant shift dresses and Manolo Blahnik heels, while Nnadi is a vintage and streetwear magpie.

The new British Vogue may be more of a little sister to the American title, but the shared cover star also reflects its lofty status among the international Vogue editions. It remains the only one to share a cover with the US title, and that is significant.

Zendaya in a wedding dress: After years of rumoured rivalry, this collaborative new approach reflects a new entente cordiale between the two Vogues.


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