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Brittany Mahomes New Hair Color: Going From Blonde To Fire Red!+Photos

Brittany Mahomes New Hair Color: Blond Brittany? Redhead Brittany?

By now, Brittany Mahomes knows it’s really not debatable.

Fans are eating up the flaming hot look the co-owner of the Kansas City Current soccer team and wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes showed off on Instagram Wednesday.

Make way, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, Reba McEntire, Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, Little Mermaid, Ginger Spice and every other famous redhead out there.

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Brittany Mahomes New Hair Color

Brittany Mahomes New Hair Color1

Brittany Mahomes New Hair Color: Brittany Mahomes as a redhead is a hit.

People want to know if the change is permanent or if she was wearing a wig or hair extensions for a photo shoot in the six images she shared. There’s no word yet.

People hope it’s here to stay. Within minutes of the photos going public, comments flooded in.

“Feeling spicy,” Mahomes wrote, punctuating the post with a flame, red pepper and smiley face emojis.

Are there any flame emojis left out there? It seems like every one got used up her followers and Chiefs fans — heck, even fans of other NFL teams — who reacted with every synonym for the word “hot” and made references to one of her new BFFs, Taylor Swift, queen of “eras.”

Brittany Mahomes red Hair Color

“In her Red Era,” one fan declared of Mahomes.

Brittany Mahomes New Hair Color: The new look made headlines in entertainment magazines, sports outlets, fashion magazines and tabloids in the U.S. and overseas.

Hair magician Laura Beth Cabott — laurabethartistry on Instagram — a member of Mahomes’ glam squad, received her own batch of kudos for creating the look.

“And we don’t mean she got red highlights, went strawberry blonde, or chose a shade of auburn so discrete you can’t really tell it’s red without certain lighting,” the fashion bible wrote.

“No, Mahomes committed to the redhead lifestyle. This red-hot take on shade is the perfect blend of cowboy copper and hot taki red: bold, bright, and a total 180 from her usual look. And honestly, it looks amazing.”

Her own family gave her mixed reviews.

Brittany Mahomes New Hair Color: When one follower asked Brittany if she had video of how her daughter and son — 3-year-old Sterling and 16-month-old Bronze — reacted, she replied: “OK surprising Sterling loves it! Bronze not so much!”

Biography of Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes New Hair Color: Born Brittany Matthews in August 31, 1995, in Whitehouse, Texas, Brittany is an athlete in her own right. In college, she was a soccer star, and she then grew her own company, Brittany Lynne Fitness, which runs programs for clients with guided workouts. She went on to found the Kansas City Current as an expansion team in the National Women’s Soccer League in 2021, co-owning it with her husband.

She currently has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, so she is something of an influencer, too, with affiliate links in her profile that often lead to sold-out clothes. People want to wear what Brittany and her kids do.

In February, she was named a 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue rookie and will be featured in the 60th anniversary issue, which hits shelves in May.

“I’m truly just so humbled and still in disbelief,” Brittany told SI Swimsuit. “As a girl from Tyler, Texas, who only really knew sports, never in a million years did I think I’d be in [the SI Swimsuit Issue]. I’m just so grateful for this opportunity.”


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