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Casual style like celebrities: clothes you can wear every day of the week+ photos

Casual style like celebrities: Casual clothes are the best choice forever. This type of style will never make you regret. Whether you are going to visit friends, work or university, casual style is always in fashion; Especially if flat shoes are your usual choice.

There’s no denying it—2024 is the year of the flat shoe. Spoilt with options across high-street and designer brands, countless flat-shoe trends have rocketed in popularity this spring. With celebrities and fashion people consistently reaching for their new staple pairs, brands have rushed to create innovative, fashion-forward and comfortable styles to suit a range of price tags and preferences.

Casual style like celebrities: Whilst classic leather ballet flats are having a moment, so too are mesh styles, Mary Janes, loafers and flat mules. Adding an elevated twist to your day-to-day styling, the new season’s flat shoes rival heels for sophistication in ways they never have before. With so many styles saturating the market, I’ve looked towards my favourite celebrities for shopping and styling inspiration, all of whom seem to have fallen for flats lately.

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Casual style like celebrities

Casual style like celebrities1 Casual style like celebrities2 Casual style like celebrities3 Casual style like celebrities4 Casual style like celebrities5 Casual style like celebrities6 Casual style like celebrities7 Casual style like celebrities8

whowhatwearImage source: pinterest

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