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Flower nail design that is perfect for spring+photo

Flower nail design: Flower nail designs remain a go-to for many, especially in spring. (We know, we know—how groundbreaking). But just because something is expected doesn’t mean it can’t be special or fun. Flowers are synonymous with the warmer seasons for good reason.

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“Flowers are delicate and beautiful, so it’s no surprise that people love them around their house, on their clothing, or as nail art,” says celebrity and Chanel nail artist Betina R. Goldstein,. “As we see flowers blooming around us in nature, I believe it inspires us to embrace spring.”

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There’s a practicality to it. Among the many nail art designs, flower nails are accessible to everyone and can be custom-made however you want. “Floral designs are easy to DIY at home,” agrees celebrity nail artist Queenie Nguyen. “It’s also easy to request in salons with the versatility of many color combinations.”

Goldstein likes drawing her favorite flowers, peonies, tulips, or poppies for her designs and opts for classic spring colors such as pink, lavender, yellow, and pops of green. Though she likes to keep it simple and focus the art solely on the florals, Nguyen says you can mix and match with other trends for something fun and unexpected.

Flower nail design

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