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Gen z makeup: Apply natural eye shadow!

Gen z makeup: Eyeshadow has been part of the beauty world for centuries. Even Cleopatra wore eye shadow (albeit, toxic eyeshadow, but she still ate the look).

But now, apparently, Gen Z and Gen Alpha are saying eyeshadow is OUT. It started with throwing our hands up at the club, and now we can’t even wear eyeshadow without aging ourselves. It’s like we can’t win with these younger generations!

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Gen z makeup

Gen z makeup1

Well, that’s not entirely true…

Gen z makeup: Sure, the Gen Z/Gen Alph TikTokers love to call out the older generations on the young people-centric social media app, but ditching the eyeshadow completely is not what they mean. If you like to wear makeup and are getting older, then you’re probably already researching makeup trends that complement your fine-wine-aging skin. Well, this “call out” by these youngins is actually sound advice for your maturing makeup journey. Simply put, just ease up on the shadow, use more natural tones, and don’t use products that get stuck in the creases.

For example, the lovely millennial celebrity, Selena Gomez’s eye look (and other makeup looks) are constantly trending with the younger generations. Why? Because she focuses on skincare over makeup and when she does wear makeup, she leans more towards the “natural” look. (Which us makeup girlies all know isn’t literally “natural,” it’s just choosing a color palette that better matches your skin tones.)

Gen z makeup: You can still have fun with your eye makeup, just learn more about your own skin before diving into “new” beauty trends. Because you’re not new, you’re an older and wiser version of yourself, so you should discover what works best for you.

Social media is a great place to start when looking for some tips from real-life Gen X and millennial beauty experts like the video below of an older beauty influencer responding to the “eye shadow is for old ladies” claim. And don’t forget to have fun on your journey into adulthood beauty.


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