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Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss: Stunning Style After Losing 70 Pounds

Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss: Country singer Lainey Wilson is showing off a brand-new body following a 70-lb. weight loss.

Fans first began to take notice of her body in January 2023, when a video of her pert posterior went viral on TikTok.

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Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss

Lainey Wilson's Weight Loss1

“My booty introduced my music to a lot of folks and I’m OK with that. I think ‘what would Dolly Parton do?’” she said in an interview.

“You know, I’ve been at this a long time and if you found out about my music and stuck around because of the butt or because of the music … you’re welcome!”


Lainey Wilson's Weight Loss2

Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss: Lainey is known for her signature look of skintight bell bottom pants that put her figure on display.


Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss: Lainey declared in 2020 that she would have a “year of health.” She changed her diet, adding in more fruits and vegetables and cutting out sugar, dairy and processed foods. The “Heart Like a Truck” singer also hired a personal trainer, and the weight came off gradually.


Lainey Wilson's Weight Loss2

Lainey looked totally slimmed down at the CMA Awards in 2021.


The singer has also proven that she’s not afraid to mix bold patterns in her outfits, which has drawn even more attention to her weight loss.


Lainey Wilson's Weight Loss3

Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss: In June 2023, Lainey shut down rumors that she used weight loss gummies to shed the pounds.

“People will do whatever to make a dollar, even if it is lies. Cause ain’t nobody sent me any gummies,” she said in an Instagram video.

“I don’t want y’all spending your money on something that ain’t real. Do not fall for it. If I have lost weight, it’s because I’m working hard, playing hour-and-a-half shows and running around every night of my life.

And to be honest, me losing weight or gaining weight ain’t got anything to do with my music.”


Lainey Wilson's Weight Loss4

Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss: Lainey wore a chic three-piece vest and blazer pantsuit with gold buttons at the 66th Grammy Awards.

The country star was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Country Duo/Group Performance for “Save Me” and Best Country Album for her album Bell Bottom Country.


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