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Lip line makeup trick that makes your face look ten years younger+ short video

Lip line makeup trick: A MAKE-UP artist has revealed the one simple change you can make to your routine to make you look ten years younger.

Erika Taylor took to social media to share the easy anti-ageing hack and people couldn’t believe the results.

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Lip line makeup trick

Lip line makeup trick1
Image source: glamourmagazine

Lip line makeup trick: The 47-year-old said it was all about how you apply your lip liner.

As we age, our skin tends to droop downwards – especially around the mouth.

But you can reverse the signs of ageing by changing the way you apply your lip products.

In the clip, Erika said: “Your lip liner as we mature reminder.”

Lip line makeup trick video

Lip line makeup trick: Erika then demonstrated on her lips how to apply it vs how not to.

While most tutorials will see people take the lip liner to the corners of the mouth in a defined line – Erika proved that this wasn’t the way for mature women.

Lip line makeup trick: As she did the steps – you could see just how much it emphasised the downwards turn to her lips.

Instead, the make-up expert recommended using a softer hand to apply the liner.

She applied the liner by creating more curved lines just above the lip line rather than sharp angular lines.

As well as using a softer hand, Erika also recommended not bringing the lip liner right to the corners of the mouth.

Lip line makeup trick: The make-up whizz suggested to stop just before hitting the corner and blending it out using a finger for a more diffused line that would add volume to the lips.

After using the two different techniques on either side of her lips she showed the results.

Her hack used on the left side of her lips created a fuller lip which didn’t drag down and age the face.

“You can’t stop the drop, but you can stop accentuating it,” Erika added.


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