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10 Metallic Nail Designs if you want to be original

Metallic Nail Designs: A manicure doesn’t have to use an array of different colors or shapes to be bold. Metallic nails offer an easy way to create a bold look that functions like jewelry — you can wear them seamlessly with any outfit.

“Metallics are an easy way to add a sophisticated shine or luxe accent to a basic mani,” explains celebrity manicurist Fleury Rose. To incorporate metallic into a manicure, she “usually opts for gel polish and gold or silver accents, such as charms or chains.”

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Ahead, browse 30 metallic nail looks.

Metallic Nail Designs

1-‘90s Tattoo

Metallic Nail Designs1

Metallic Nail Designs: Rose created this look inspired by ’90s molten heart tattoos. It features an edgy silver design atop a milky white base adorned with white and silver pearls.

2-Gold Dip

Metallic Nail Designs2

Metallic Nail Designs: Edwards created this look for Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2024 show in New York City. It uses KISS press-ons as the base for a melted metallic tip.

3-Molten Lava

Metallic Nail Designs3

Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec created this look on Zoë Saldaña for her December 2022 cover of InStyle. The design features a shimmery pewter design over a milky white base.

4-Silver Circles

Metallic Nail Designs4

Metallic Nail Designs: For a simple, yet impactful look, Rose created abstract silver chrome circles on a milky nude base.

5-Molten Chrome

Metallic Nail Designs5

Metallic Nail Designs: These nails look like they’re dripping molten metal, thanks to 3D gel coated in a high-impact silver chrome powder.

6-Liquid Gold

Metallic Nail Designs6

Consider this look the sister nail to the Molten Silver look above. It takes the same approach, 3D gel topped with chrome, but instead of using a silver powder, a rich gold was used.

7-Milky Mirror

Metallic Nail Designs7

For a funky yet uniform look, this manicure features a milky white base with wiggly panes of silver running down the side of each nail. It’s finished with a stack of two tiny pearls at the base of each nail.

8-Simple Swirl

Metallic Nail Designs9

Metallic Nail Designs: This pink and gold look keeps it simple, with a strong squiggle running across each nail.

9-Minimalist Chrome

Metallic Nail Designs8

Metal nails will always be bold, but this look takes a bit of a minimalist approach, adorning the nails with bits of chrome like jewelry.

10-Gold Leaf

Metallic Nail Designs10

Metallic Nail Designs: Gold leaf is such a fun and easy way to add a gilded look to your nails. Paintbox creative director Mabelyn Alva created this look using gold leaf on top of a milky white base.

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