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summer nail designs: perfect for sunny days+photos

summer nail designs: Spring and summer are the best seasons. Especially as we get closer to summer, the weather gets hotter and the nail design is different from other months. You can see photos of summer nail designs below:

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Also, these nail models are perfect as the best sports nail designs for spring.

1-Blue Jelly Cloud Nails

summer nail designs1
Blue Jelly Cloud Nails

summer nail designs: This blue jelly manicure is a picture-perfectsummer nail look. To recreate it, paint your nails with jelly cornflower blue nail polish. Then, use a dotting tool to swirl opaque white polish into the cloud shape of your choice.

2-Ballet Pink Velvet Nails

summer nail designs2
Ballet Pink Velvet Nails

summer nail designs: Just because the weather is letting up from the harsh cold of winter doesn’t mean velvet nails are out of style. This pale, ballet pink manicure is perfect for summer with its soft pastel hue and trendy bow detail.

3-Earthy Aura Nails

summer nail designs3
Earthy Aura Nails

summer nail designs: This blue and green aura manicure reminds us of dewy grass and the fresh, renewed feeling of summer. To get the look, paint your nails with emerald green polish. After they dry, paint a swatch of pale blue polish onto the center of a sponge and surround it with your emerald green shade. Then, dapple the sponge onto your nails. Check out nail artist Brittney Ellen’s video for a visual.

4-Green Velvet Daisy Nails

summer nail designs4
Green Velvet Daisy Nails

How precious is this floral manicure? Between the pale green velvet tips and negative-space daisies, there’s nothing not to love. While it might seem too intricate to DIY, remember: You can create daisy nail art with a dotting tool. Drag five dots for the petals and add one in a different color in the center.

5-Marbled Blue, Green, and White Nails

summer nail designs5
Marbled Blue, Green, and White Nails

summer nail designs: This blue, green, and white marbled mani is perfect for April (and Earth Day in particular). Ellen created it by dotting Lights Lacquer Nail Polish in At Last, Tranquila y Tropical, and Paper Snow ($11 each) onto her nails and smashing them together with a saran-wrapped finger. To smooth out the swirled pattern and lock the look in, she finished with a top coat.

6-Tonal Green Mismatched Nails

summer nail designs6
Tonal Green Mismatched Nails

Here’s another daisy manicure that’s too cute to pass up this spring. The cool green shades make this mismatched mani especially fitting for April.

7-Opal Aura Jelly Nails

summer nail designs7
Opal Aura Jelly Nails

This multicolor opal jelly manicure reminds us of shimmering rain puddles. Ellen created it using a combination of builder gel, chrome powder, and iridescent nail foil.

8-Muted Pastel Opal Skittle Nails

summer nail designs8
Muted Pastel Opal Skittle Nails

summer nail designs: Intrigued by the idea of 3D nails but aren’t sure you’ll love them? Lean into the trend with one or two raised accents, such as swirls or gemstones. To recreate the wavy opal nail above, you (or your nail tech) will need to get creative with builder gel.


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