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Megan Fox no make-up: a selfie without makeup with blue hair that stunned users+ photo

Megan Fox no make-up: Megan Fox had fans doing a double take as she embraced her natural beauty in a makeup-free selfie.

The “Transformers” star showed off her bare face on Instagram Wednesday while preparing to apply Wella Professionals hair treatment to her dyed blue locks and 26-inch extensions post-Coachella.

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Megan Fox no make-up

Megan Fox no make-up1

She appeared only to be wearing lip gloss on her plumped lips as her skin glowed sans foundation.

Fox’s down-to-earth mirror selfie also showed her rocking a black bra and red plaid pajama pants.

The blue-eyed beauty, 37, divided fans in the comment section as several had never seen her without her usual glam.

“Who is this?” several fans wrote, to which a user responded, “A confident woman that isn’t hiding behind makeup 💄.”


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