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Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret at the age of 40: Turmeric mask and celery juice!

Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret: Atrue modern-day multi-hyphenate, Miranda Kerr is a mother of three as well as being a veteran supermodel and the founder and CEO of Kora Organics – while being a beauty icon and wellness inspiration to many.

All of which appear to come naturally to the star, who unapologetically embraces who she is while encouraging others to celebrate their uniqueness.

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“I just turned 40 and I’m feeling great. Age is a privilege, and we need to try to change the outside opinion in the world of ageing; there’s so much obsession with youth, but it’s important to really embrace getting older.

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“My grandmother, who I feel was one of the most beautiful women, had that sparkle in her eye that lit up the room when she walked in. You didn’t notice her wrinkles because of the energy that she had.
Beauty is so much more than just skin-deep, and when you’re comfortable in your own skin, and in your soul and spirit, that is what really shines through the most.

“At the same time, when it comes to skincare, there are things that we can do. My aim is to give the skin the nutrients it needs so it can be vibrant, and the best it can be. I basically want to be a grandma with great skin!”

Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret

1-On her signature beauty look

Miranda Kerr's beauty secret1

Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret: “I guess my signature look is kind of fresh-faced, glowing skin with a little blush. I’m obsessed with blush. I like having the cheeks, eyelids and lips all in the same tone. It’s quick and easy and you need that when you’re a busy mum!

“For my hair I like to have like a bit of a curl. But I often will just pull it back into a sleek bun. I like my natural colour and just add little bits of blonde to highlight the face. When you’re younger, they get kind of naturally sun-kissed somehow – but now I’m a big hat girl.”

2-On beauty sleep and early starts

Miranda Kerr's beauty secret2

Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret: “I try to go to bed early. If I can I get eight hours sleep that’s a dream, but it ranges between seven and eight on a good day. I wear the Oura Ring because it helps track sleep, and your heart rate and all of that. I really love it.

“I wake up every morning at 5am with my husband – he’s an early riser. And so in the morning, I have that time to myself to do a little self-care and my skincare routine before the kids wake up.”

On morning meditation and gratitude practice…
“First, I try to do a little meditation and yoga, depending on how I feel. I’ve been meditating since I was 18. I’ve learnt Transcendental Meditation and Kriya Yoga Meditation, but sometimes I’m just too much in my head and so I need to put on an app.

I use Insight Timer, which has different guided meditations, from a five- or 10-minute meditation or deeper ones which help if I can’t sleep.

3-On exercise at 40

Miranda Kerr's beauty secret3

Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret: “Lately, I’ve been getting into weight training, which I really like. They say as you get older that weight training is important. I’ve been such a yogi and a Pilates girl my whole life that it’s nice to balance it a little more with weights, and a little bit of running as well.”

4-On cold showers, celery juice and body brushing

Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret: “After exercising I really like having a cold shower. Even if it’s just turning the water to cold at the end, it really invigorates you. I also drink celery juice every morning, almost a litre. It hydrates you with electrolytes, is good for your kidney function and for digestion – it helps you have a movement in the morning. I have to get through my celery juice before I get to my coffee.

“I also love dry body brushing, and gua sha massage; anything that brings about increased circulation and blood flow and lymphatic drainage. I’ve been doing facial massages and body brushing since I was 18.”

5-On skincare starting in the shower

Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret: “Another tool that I use a lot is aromatherapy, and I love the Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser in the morning, which has peppermint in it, but also Palo Santo which clears your energy.

I really look forward to my routine because it feels like it gives back to me. I also use the Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask every other day. The whole experience of it in the shower is what I really like.”

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