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The best makeup trends 2024: the best colors for face makeup + photos

The best makeup trends 2024: Below, get all the details on the hottest makeup trends for spring 2024, straight from the pros.

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The best makeup trends 2024

1-Dolly Beauty

The best makeup trends 2024- natural makeup

The best makeup trends 2024: Expect to see echoes of that doll-like look throughout spring with shiny-finish skin and light, almost faded-looking hues on the eyes. “I think we’re going to see wearable versions of that look pop up this spring with pastel shadows and glass skin really popping back in,” says celebrity makeup artist Kasey Spickard.

Tobi Henney, a celebrity makeup artist, agrees. “Think see-through sheen that looks expensive,” she says. You don’t have to airbrush your skin with a combo of peel-off masks like McGrath and her team, but a dewy finish feels fresh and vibrant come warmer temps.

On the eyes, try cool-toned washes of color on the lids, like blue, taupe, green and pink.

2-Chrome Eyes

The best makeup trends 2024- Chrome Eyes

The best makeup trends 2024: A simple way to add a touch of frost to your eye makeup is with a chrome eyeliner.The color-shifting pigments bring so much dimension and pop to your eye look—especially if you typically stick to natural eyeshadows. So simple, so pretty.

3-Laminated Brows

Laminated Brows

The best makeup trends 2024: If skinny brows aren’t your thing, go full and fluffy for the season.

4-Nude Lips

Nude Lips

The best makeup trends 2024: Matte burgundy lipstick can just feel wrong come April, so swap it out for a nude color combo instead.

When we hear spring makeup, we think of color on the eyes and blushed cheeks.The best way to balance these colorful makeup looks is to wear a nude lip.”

To get the look, reach for a brown liner two to three shades darker than your natural lip color. Then, apply a lipstick one to two shades lighter than your natural lip and finish with a tinted gloss applied only to the center of the lips. Press the lips together to combine the colors.


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