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The best tiny tattoos that are always beautiful+ photos

The best tiny tattoos: The tattooed population may be ever-expanding, but the designs are getting much, much smaller. Tiny tattoos are trending in a major way, allowing fans to adorn themselves in a collage of delicate designs—or just one teeny tiny design.

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The best tiny tattoos

The best tiny tattoos1

The best tiny tattoos: People are starting to embrace the idea of putting small works of art on their skin—whether small and simple, like micro lettering, or small, detailed, and realistic works of art.

Even for all those people who’ve never gotten tattoos in the past because they didn’t want big changes, the [draw] has become delicacy and perfection like a small Jewellery!.

The best tiny tattoos2

Though these designs are small, it doesn’t mean they’re simple. In fact, for tattoos, it is literally the opposite.

A very small, very simple tattoo is much harder to execute well than most tattoo clients understand. Even the smallest mistake is very obvious when a design is more simple, especially black line work alone.

The best tiny tattoos3

The best tiny tattoos: The tiny designs also require a fair amount of time to execute — for his part, it can take upwards of three hours for certain designs.

A single needle allows artists to create micro details that will hold up over time.

The best tiny tattoos4

Those who get micro tattoos should always look for a specialized professional with experience in this style.

A 3 cm tattoo cannot be made with a large needle because, over time, the details would be lost or, in the case of small lettering, would stick together over time, becoming larger due to a natural process of the skin during the healing process.

This does not happen if it is a professional tattoo artist specialized in fine line.

The best tiny tattoos5 The best tiny tattoos6


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