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The idea of wearing shorts in 2024+ photos

The idea of wearing shorts: Summer is on the horizon and there’s only one clothing item I’m in the market for ahead of the warmest season. Content with my dress collection, this season, it’s the light and breezy women’s boxer shorts trend that I’m backing for the hottest months.

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The idea of wearing shorts

Frequently composed of soft cotton but occasionally created in supple silk or satin, I’d go as far as to say that the boxer shorts trend is the most comfortable clothing item on the market right now. Featuring an elasticated waistband that can be worn on the hips or the waist depending on your preference, the shorts are designed to fall loosely around the thighs for a comfortable and relaxed fit.

I’m not the only one who seems to be very into boxer shorts for women right now—fashion people in London and New York can’t get enough either. And whilst you might worry that the trend is difficult to style, the style set has already proved its ease in outfit building. From ultra-comfortable daytime looks to relaxed ensembles with an air of polish, scroll on to see how our favourite influencers are styling the boxer shorts trend right now.

The idea of wearing shorts

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