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Three foods you should never eat, including breakfast

Three foods you should never eat: A nutritionist shared three food categories she avoids in her daily diet as they could be unknowingly harmful to your health.

In a bid to stay healthy, many people turn to processed foods that promise to be better for you.

However, this isn’t always the case as one nutritionist claimed to take out three categories of food and drink she avoids in her daily diet.

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Three foods you should never eat

Olivia Hedlund, a functional nutrition therapy practitioner based in Austin, Texas, advocates for a high-protein diet with substantial healthy fats to manage blood sugar, cautioned against popular choices at chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, labeling some customer favourites as potentially harmful to health.

Hedlund has previously criticised official USDA dietary guidelines that recommend servings of wheat and grains.

Her latest advice zeroes in on three specific types of food and drink she categorically avoids.

Three foods you should never eat-1
Hedlund avoids cereal whenever possible (Image: Getty)

1. Breakfast Cereals

Three foods you should never eat: Hedlund said that she goes out of her way to avoid breakfast cereal because of their lack of health benefits.

“There is truly and genuinely no health benefit to starting your morning with a blood sugar spike,” she wrote.

Despite the existence of healthier cereal options, she recommended consuming them only as a snack or treat.

Iideally paired with protein and fat to mitigate blood sugar spikes.

High-carb, high-sugar cereals, she explained, are quickly digested, leading to an unsustainable energy boost and increased hunger shortly after consumption.

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Plant-based meats often contain hydrogenated oils and filler ingredients to mimic the taste of meat (Image: Getty)

2. Plant-Based Meat

Three foods you should never eat: Next on her list, Hedlund advised against plant-based meat products.

Instead, she champions responsibly-sourced meat from regenerative suppliers, which she believes are more ethical and environmentally friendly.

“Meat is nutrient-dense and good for you if sourced correctly,” she stated.

In contrast, she argued, plant-based meats often contain hydrogenated oils and filler ingredients to mimic the taste of meat, making them a poor choice for those prioritizing health.

3. On-the-Go Coffee Brands

Three foods you should never eat: Lastly, Hedlund cautioned against coffee from popular chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’.

She highlighted concerns about mould and pesticide contamination in commercial coffee, which can disrupt the body’s ecosystem, including hormonal balance and blood sugar regulation.

Her advice: “Opt for coffee at home!”

While certain high-sugar options like the caramel Frappuccino are widely criticised, other nutritionists have identified more diet-friendly choices at these chains.

For instance, registered dietitian Marissa Meshulam and nutritionist Kristen Carli have recommended healthier Starbucks options like the Caffè Americano, Cappuccino, and Iced Flat White.

Despite her strict guidelines, Hedlund acknowledged that occasional indulgence in these foods might be acceptable for some.

“Having these things occasionally may fit into your life and that’s okay, nothing is perfect,” she added.



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