Bagel sandwich that Sarah Jessica Parker loves and you will too!

Bagel sandwich: Like everybody else, I have been re-watching Sex and the City now that it’s dropped on Netflix, and I simply cannot get enough the second time around. Like Carrie Bradshaw, I’m also a single, 30-something writer living in a city, but I also catch up on the show for its portrayal of friendship among Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda and the impeccable humor woven into their trials and tribulations. And can we talk about the fashion? It’s one of the things that made Sarah Jessica Parker the iconic figure she is today. But haute couture is not the only thing SJP is passionate about.

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Bagel sandwich

Bagel sandwich1

Judging by her Instagram, SJP is a voracious reader, a world traveler and someone who loves to cook and eat. Her exact bagel sandwich order was revealed a few years ago, so when I found out about it, I couldn’t wait to put on the latest episode and give it a try. Talk about my ideal Saturday morning!

Bagel sandwich

Bagel sandwich2

As a true New Yorker, Sarah Jessica Parker reportedly gets her bagels and her specialty bagel order at Bagel Buffet. To enjoy the SJP special at home, you’ll need to grab a toasted bagel (shockingly, she didn’t say what kind of bagel), deli salami (she likes Boar’s Head brand), Grey Poupon and Kerrygold butter. That’s it!

How to Make Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bagel Order

Bagel sandwich: Toast your bagel, slather it “wall to wall” with Kerrygold butter, then layer on pieces of salami, dollop with mustard and cut in half. Parker swears by this combo and is particularly fond of the salami. “My son, husband, and I love salami. Love salami,” Parker says in the original Grub Street article.

What I Thought of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bagel Order

Bagel sandwich3

Bagel sandwich: I love a chewy, heavily toasted and buttered bagel. I think it’s one of life‘s greatest pleasures. However, I feel the butter got a bit lost taste-wise because the mustard was so overpowering. I would say the condiments definitely kept the bagel from drying out, so perhaps they served their intended purpose.

Mustard and salami were the dominant flavors here and I wasn’t mad about it. It was a decent, simple bagel sandwich with an understated elegance to it. And as a friend pointed out, it’s very French girl-meets-NYC, sort of like a gourmet adult Lunchables, but in bagel sandwich form. SJP didn’t specify in her interview what kinds of bagels she orders, so I went with a sesame bagel. I couldn’t help it, it just felt right.

Tips for Making Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bagel Order

Bagel sandwich: Serve warm: I would definitely eat this one hot or at least warm because the flavors just meld better together that way. My bagel cooled off a bit after toasting (the camera eats first, right?), so it was a bit less enjoyable than it could have been.
Buy quality ingredients: Because this one only has a few ingredients, splurge on the good bagels, the good salami and definitely grab the Grey Poupon.


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