Creamy celery soup: the best appetizer for guests+ recipe

Creamy celery soup: Looking for a dish that’s light, but not too light; filling, but not too filling? A creamy vegetable soup is your answer.

Thanks to its base, it’s thicker than your basic brothy concoction, making it a good choice for an entrée, yet it’s not so heavy as to ruin your appetite if you plan on serving it as an appetizer.

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Creamy celery soup

Creamy celery soup1

Creamy celery soup: Simply put, it serves as the perfect go-between on your dining table for lunch, dinner, and beyond.

Of these versatile veggie creations, we’re partial to a nourishing cream of celery soup.

Flavor-wise, you can count on it to deliver the bright, grassy notes of the stalky vegetable with a warm and savory twist.

But the real key to a good cream of celery soup lies in its delectably smooth and creamy mouthfeel, which instantly takes its taste to a decadent new level.

Creamy celery soup: While it can seem difficult to nail the texture of a delicate dish such as this, fret not — Tasting Table recipe developer Jennine Rye has let us in on the secret combo that ensures you get the perfect silky smooth soup, every time.

In her recipe for cream of celery soup, Rye recommends combining both whole milk and half-and-half to the vegetable blend in order to achieve a dish that’s velvety, creamy, and totally crave-worthy. The best part? You’ll probably find these ingredients in your refrigerator already.

The Dairy Additions Are A Simple Way To Upgrade The Recipe

Creamy celery soup: While heavy cream feels like the go-to for crafting a silky soup such as this one, this combination actually provides the ultimate soup texture, without risking an end result that is too thick and heavy on the palate.

This is especially true in the case of this particular recipe, which combines starchy potatoes with celery for a heartier bowl of soup.

Adding milk allows for a creamier soup than you’d get from using water, while still maintaining a smooth and light texture.

Pairing that with half-and-half adds the perfect touch of velvety creaminess.

For our recipe, Rye combines about ⅓ a cup of milk and ¼ a cup of half-and-half for a soup that serves four, but you can certainly adjust those ratios to achieve your ideal consistency and richness.

Upon serving, you can also top off the bowl with a swirl of half-and-half, a robust soup garnish that won’t just look pretty against the green blend, but will also add yet another layer of creaminess to the dish.


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