The first couple photo of Ashley Park and Paul Forman, actors Emily in Paris + photo

Ashley Park and Paul Forman: The Emily in Paris costars took their relationship one step past Instagram official by attending London Fashion Week together.

Both were styled in comfy, chic looks wearing sweaters.

Every image that followed was a snap of the couple together, including a video of him trying to walk in what appeared to be Park’s heels as the actress, 32, filmed him. “Nice,” she said off-camera.

Forman joined the cast of the hit Netflix series during its third season where he portrays Nicolas de Leon. His character becomes Mindy Chen’s (Park’s) love interest.

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Ashley Park and Paul Forman

Ashley Park and Paul Forman2


The Emily in Paris duo were first rumored to be dating in October 2023 when they were spotted holding hands at The Hollywood Reporter’s Beauty Dinner.

On Jan. 19, a health scare led the on-screen lovers to reveal their off-screen relationship after Park was hospitalized for “tonsillitis [that] spiraled into critical septic shock.”

Ashley Park and Paul Forman

Ashley Park and Paul Forman1

Ashley Park and Paul Forman: In an Instagram post, the actress explained that in December she was on vacation when “what started as tonsillitis” eventually “infected and affected several of my organs.”

Her upload included content of Forman at the hospital with her as she recovered. One video showed the actor helping to comb her hair as she sat in her hospital bed.

She added that he calmed her fears and was there for “three foreign hospitals, a week in the ICU,” and more. They had been traveling abroad when she was admitted to receive life-saving medical care.

“I love you Paul. More than I can ever say,” Park wrote.

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