Benny Blanco’s cute childhood who looks like Selena + photo

Benny Blanco’s cute childhood: Benny, who is now in a romantic relationship with the famous singer Selena Gomez, is extremely cute and lovable as a child. His smile is very similar to Selena’s smile.

Benny Blanco would be a chef if he wasn’t in the music business. More on that in a moment, and how his ethnicity influences his career and cooking. First, to give you an idea of his background, who are Benny’s parents? Details ahead.

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Benny Blanco’s cute childhood

Benny Blanco's cute childhood1

who are Benny Blanco’s parents?

Benny Blanco's cute childhood2
Benny Blanco’s smile is very similar to Selena’s smile/ Image source: alphacoders

Benny Blanco’s cute childhood: Benny was born Benjamin Joseph Levin in 1988 in Virginia. His parents are Sandra and Andrew Levin. Sandra works in the apparel business while Andrew works in an assisted living facility, per Jewish Unpacked.

From time to time, Benny has talked about his parents in the media and online.

“Jewish mothers will never run out of things to worry about,” he tweeted in 2013.

Then, he told Augustman in 2021, “Ever since I was like a baby I was into music, I would always like bang on the pots and pans. My mom and dad were very into music, so they played me music very early on and my brother was also really into music so he would take me into records stores.”

Meanwhile, the producer initially thought about being a rapper, but then, as he hilariously told The New York Times in 2018, he figured out that “no one cares what a chubby Jewish kid from Virginia thinks.”

Benny Blanco’s Jewish ethnicity is a big part of his life.

Benny Blanco’s cute childhood: As you can tell, being Jewish is a big part of the under-the-radar star’s identity. He often tweets about his Judaism, mostly finding humor on the topic, but also, at times, waxing poetic on his religion.

“Being Jewish is a state of mind… not a religious group,” Benny opined in 2010 for example.

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