Keanu Reeves wedding to Alexandra Grant+ details and full story

Keanu Reeves wedding: Hollywood star Keanu Reeves is reportedly “madly in love” with his partner, Alexandra Grant, and is ready to walk down the aisle.

The actor is said to be “confident” that their romance will “go the distance” and allegedly has no interest in signing a prenup.

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Keanu Reeves wedding

Keanu Reeves wedding1

Keanu Reeves wedding: Following months of speculation, Grant and Reeves confirmed they were an item in 2019 after attending an event together.

Keanu Reeves Is ‘Madly In Love’ With Alexandra Grant And Ready To Walk Down The Aisle

According to a report, the “John Wick” star is anxious to get hitched to the American visual artist, and the couple might even “elope.”

“Keanu is madly in love with Alexandra and he’s ready to bite the bullet and go through with a wedding,” an insider told the National Enquirer (per Radar Online).

Keanu Reeves wedding: The insider further noted that Reeves would likely have a low-key wedding ceremony as it is not his style to be grand and flashy.

“It won’t be some big splashy affair because that’s just not his style,” the source added. “More likely it’ll be a simple ceremony with a handful of guests in the backyard at their home in L.A. Or maybe they’ll elope and then have a small celebration with their friends afterward.”

Keanu Reeves Allegedly Won’t Sign A Prenup As He ‘Trusts’ Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves wedding2

Keanu Reeves wedding: The movie star has reportedly not made this strong a connection with anyone besides Grant in over twenty years.

Reeves has also allegedly had reservations about marriage since the death of his pregnant fiancée, Jennifer Syme, in a car crash in 2021. However, since Grant came into the picture, Reeves now sees things differently.

Keanu Reeves wedding: According to the news outlet, the actor is not interested in getting a prenup as he “trusts Alexandra completely and doesn’t see any point in getting hung up with lawyers and paperwork.”

The pair have known each other since 2009, when they both worked on “Ode to Happiness,” a book written by Reeves and illustrated by Grant. Ten years later, they made their red carpet debut as a couple.

A source said, “[Reeves] doesn’t have a shred of doubt that what they have is the real deal and he’s confident it will go the distance. He knows she’s got the best intentions and he doesn’t want to make her sign some paper just to protect his pile of money.”

They added, “It’s kind of crazy when you consider how much he’s worth. But he’s an old-fashioned guy who believes love is forever.”


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