Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy: Is Timothée Chalamet going to be a father?

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy: Kylie Jenner fans have speculated that she might be hiding some major news.

The Hulu star posed with her family in a now-deleted Instagram photo, and fans quickly spotted a telling detail.

In the post, Kylie, 26, and her family stopped for a photo while at the funeral of momager Kris Jenner‘s sister, Karen Houghton, who died at 65 in March.

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Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy

Kylie Jenner's pregnancy1

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy: The extended group all wore black, with many opting for a very glam take on traditional funeral outfits.

Kylie, however, went in the opposite direction, making a very rare makeup-free appearance in the deleted shot.

Alongside her natural look, the reality television star dressed down in a very baggy hoodie, completely in contrast to her sisters’ skintight outfits.

On Reddit, many fans were quick to point out Kylie’s uncharacteristically casual look and wondered if the star – who already has two children Stormi, 6, and Aire, 2 – might be expecting a third baby.

“WHY is Kylie dressed for the gym when everyone else is going to a funeral????” one person asked.

“She’s pregnant again and hiding it,” said a second social media user.

“Kylie in her signature pregnancy tracksuit. Maybe that’s why the deleted it,” a third fan theorized.

One fan had a different theory behind Kylie’s figure-concealing hoodie, and stated, “Obviously a surgery.”


Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy: Many fans assumed that if Kylie were pregnant, her new baby would be shared with actor Timothée Chalamet, 28.

Kylie and the film star began dating last year and kept their romance a secret for months.

Now, however, fans have spotted clues that Kylie might be single again.

An insider also shared that Kylie and Timothee had drifted apart, saying, “They’re hardly together anymore. One might even say they’re on a break.

“Their lives got busy, and they drifted apart. Of course, once their schedules quiet down, that could all change.”

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