How to make homemade hot fudge in two minutes + the best choice for breakfast and evening cake

homemade hot fudge: While homemade hot fudge sauce is not the most complex recipe out there to begin with, there’s actually a way to make it even simpler — and it only requires two ingredients. All you need is a 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk and 1½ cups of chocolate chips.

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homemade hot fudge

homemade hot fudge: Despite only including two ingredients, the flavor is just as rich and delicious as a more complicated hot fudge recipe.

You get all of the sweetness you need from the sweetened condensed milk, which also provides the thick, fudgy texture, while the chocolate chips provide all of the chocolatey goodness.

Plus, its simplicity makes this recipe is very easy to adjust if desired.

homemade hot fudge: Meanwhile, typical hot fudge recipes contain seven or eight ingredients, such as heavy cream and multiple types of sugar — but the sweetened condensed milk takes care of all of that at once.

Additionally, more complicated recipes may require you to use the stovetop to combine all of the ingredients into the hot fudge sauce, whereas this one requires just a microwave and a few minutes of your time. Between the ease and the high quality of this recipe, it’s truly the ultimate hot fudge.

Simplicity is supreme

homemade hot fudge1

homemade hot fudge: You can choose any type of chocolate chip to make this hot fudge, but you’ll want to keep the sweetness level in mind because the sweetened condensed milk already packs quite a bit of sweetness on its own.

If you want your hot fudge to be less sweet, choose dark chocolate; if you want a sweeter version, then choose milk or semisweet chocolate chips.

All you need to do is combine the chocolate chips and the sweetened condensed milk in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for two minutes, then take it out and stir.

homemade hot fudge: If there are any lumps in the fudge, then microwave for up to another minute, then stir again.

If the consistency ends up being too thick for your taste, you can add a tablespoon or two of water, then stir thoroughly to make it a bit thinner.

And then of course, you need to add it to ice cream — you can use it to help concoct the Tasting Table’s ultimate sundae.

homemade hot fudge: But hot fudge also works great as a dip. You can pair it with shortbread or old fashioned butter cookies or even cake pops that you want to be extra sweet.

Because the hot fudge takes just minutes to come together, you can focus all of your time and energy on making homemade cookies and treats for dipping.

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