Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss In Mint Green Dress And Glittery Lace Skirt+ photos

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: Melissa McCarthy stunned at the Center Theatre Group’s annual gala.

Attending the glitzy event in Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, April 28, the Bridesmaids actress wore a statement outfit. She stepped out in a glamourous mint green gown with a tulle skirt and matching blazer that showed off her slim figure.

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Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss1

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: The Unfrosted star was there to support the non-profit arts organization and to honor renowned director and choreographer Matthew Bourne. Just last week, the comedian showed off her dramatic weight loss at the opening night of the new musical Suffs at The Music Box Theatre in New York City. Melissa has reportedly lost a total of 75 pounds.

“I finally said [to myself], ‘Oh for God sakes, stop worrying about it, and it may be the best thing I’ve ever done,” Melissa said about her weight on CBS This Morning. “I truly stopped worrying about [my weight]. I stopped over-analyzing, over-thinking, over-doing anything…I just stopped constantly being worried about it and I think there’s something to kinda loosening up and not being so nervous and rigid about it that, bizarrely, has worked.”

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss2

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: The Little Mermaid star has been open about her physique over the years and has shared her history of trying fad diets to lose weight. Melissa told People magazine that she once tried a doctor-supervised all-liquid diet after she landed a role on Gilmore Girls. That led her to lose 70 pounds in four months but she said: “I’d never do that again. I felt starved and crazy half the time.”

“I’ve been every size in the world. Parts of my twenties, I was in great shape, but I didn’t appreciate it. If I was a 6 or an 8, I thought, ‘Why aren’t I a 2 or a 4?'” she has previously told UsWeekly. “Now I feel like I have two great kids and the dreamiest husband on the planet, and everything else is just a work in progress.”

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: The actress said turning 40 was a turning point for her. She stopped focusing on “the stupid stuff I worried about at 20, because at 20 you don’t have any responsibilities, so of course you’re a shallow narcissist. You can’t appreciate anything, you’re so self-absorbed. I bought into it — I should be taller, thinner, have better hair. But I think that’s part of being young.”

She continued: “Now, especially with kids, you lose any sense of time or energy to worry about all the little stuff. It’s like the chip was taken out.”

Melissa will star in Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix movie, Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story, his directorial debut. The film is about the origin story of Pop-Tarts and focuses on how Kellogg’s and Post battled to create a breakfast staple in 1963.


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