Celebs in cowboy hats: Famous people who appeared in cowboy style + photos

Celebs in cowboy hats: Cowboy hats have been one of the favorite items of celebrities. Most Hollywood singers and actors have tried this style at least once in their lives. With her new music video, Beyoncé has once again brought western style back to the fashion scene.
That’s why we decided to check out some celebrities and see who has the coolest cowboy look.

Stay with this part of celebrities from the series of entertainment in Eternal Pen magazine.

Celebs in cowboy hats

Celebs in cowboy hats1
Image source: vogue
Celebs in cowboy hats2
Gigi Hadid cowboy hat/ Image source: vogue
Celebs in cowboy hats3
Ariana Grande cowboy hat /Image source: X
Celebs in cowboy hats4
Lady Gaga cowboy hat /Image source: thesun
Celebs in cowboy hats8
Beyoncé cowboy hat /Image source: people
Celebs in cowboy hats5
Johnny depp cowboy hat /Image source: vogue
Celebs in cowboy hats6
Ashton Kutcher cowboy hat /Image source: pinterest
Celebs in cowboy hats7
Hugh Jackman cowboy hat /Image source: pinterest

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