The latest photos of Rebel Wilson’s sister with a slim and beautiful body

Rebel Wilson’s sister: Australian actress Rebel Wilson is one of those actresses who plays essentially the same role in every movie. But honestly, her bizarre brand of humor never gets old.

This talented actress has achieved an ideal body through diet and exercise for years and shines with her beautiful clothes. But she also has a younger sister who has a lovely smile.

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Rebel Wilson’s sister

Rebel Wilson has three siblings

Rebel Wilson's sister1
Rebel Wilson family in wedding

Rebel Wilson’s sister: Rebel is the oldest of her siblings, and then there’s her sister, Liberty, who was born two years later in 1982; her brother Ryot, who was born in 1988; and her sister, Annachi, who was born in 1992.

Annachi’s real name is actually Annaleise, but she prefers to be called by the more on-theme-for-her-family moniker, which is similar to the word “anarchy.”

Out of Rebel’s three siblings, she seems to be the closest to her youngest sister. Annachi is often seen alongside her famous sister at movie premieres and other public events. Sometimes, they even work together!

Rebel Wilson's sister2 Rebel Wilson's sister3 Rebel Wilson's sister4 Rebel Wilson's sister5

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