Chris Hemsworth’s crush is Brad Pitt!+ The story of his son’s name

Chris Hemsworth’s crush: Chris Hemsworth just might be Brad Pitt‘s biggest fan!

In a new interview, the 40-year-old Thor actor sang his praises for the 60-year-old Oscar-winning actor, revealing that one of his sons is named after one of Brad‘s movie characters.

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Chris Hemsworth’s crush

Chris Hemsworth's crush1
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While speaking to Vanity Fair, Chris said that he used to watch Brad‘s 1994 movie Legends of the Fall on a loop when he was younger.

“There’s never been a more beautiful man on screen,” Chris said of Brad‘s character Tristan Ludlow.

Chris then recalled watching the movie again while wife Elsa Pataky was pregnant with their twin sons, who were born in March 2014.

“Is this not the coolest character in the world?” Chris recalled asking his wife. “I think one of our kids needs to be named Tristan.”

Chris also said that their other son Sasha is named after a stuntman friend.

In addition, Chris and Elsa, 47, are also parents to 11-year-old daughter India.


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