What is the story of couples imitating Jessica Chastain?

imitating Jessica Chastain: Jessica Chastain is well aware of the impact her starring role in the 2014 space epic Interstellar had on fans.

Speaking with PEOPLE during the Tenth Breakthrough Prize ceremony, which was held at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles on April 13, Chastain notes her character from the film remains at the forefront of fans’ minds over a decade later.

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imitating Jessica Chastain

imitating Jessica Chastain1

imitating Jessica Chastain: “I’ve had a lot of people just yell, ‘Murph’ at me,” she says. “‘Murph.’ I get a lot of that, and I’m like, ‘Yes, physics”.

Chastain played Murphy “Murph” Cooper in the Academy Award-winning film, an intrepid NASA scientist who travels across the galaxy via a wormhole with her father, Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), in an effort to save mankind from Earth’s demise.

Beyond fans sharing their love for Interstellar with Chastain, the star also adds that some couples have even paid her the ultimate compliment of naming their daughters after Murph.

imitating Jessica Chastain2

“[There have] been a lot of couples who have told me they’ve named their children, their daughters Murph after Interstellar. So I was like, ‘Well, maybe this means it’ll be a boon to science,’ ” Chastain quips.

imitating Jessica Chastain: The actress also notes that she hopes her daughter, Guiletta, grows to develop a love of science as time goes on.

“I mean, that’s all I’m wanting,” Chastain says. “I mean, a physicist, a theoretical physicist. My daughter, yes. Let’s go!”

The star also reflects, “I wish when I was young I could see how glamorous science could be.”

imitating Jessica Chastain: Chastain, who has largely kept her children with husband Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo out of the public eye, previously spoke about her daughter’s ambitions in a 2022 conversation with Marie Clare.

“When you’re talking to kids it’s like, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ ” She told the publication. ” ‘I want to be a ballerina.’ And she [Chastain’s daughter] was like, ‘I want to be a mama.’ And I was like, ‘That’s a great thing to be. But you know, you can be more than one thing.’ She’s like, ‘What do you mean?’ ”

“I said, ‘Well, look at me, honey. I’m a mama. I’m an actress. I’m a producer. I’m a business owner. I’m a friend. I’m a cook.’ I started listing all these things,” Chastain continued at the time. “Like, I am many things, so you can be whatever you want.”


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