Jennifer Lopez’s boots and her super beautiful bag + photos

Jennifer Lopez’s boots: Spring has sprung, and the frilly dresses and breezy sandals are running rampant!

What’s more, this may be the case for warmer climate cities, but in others, some are still reaching for their favorite pair of boots right now. Whether you prefer fur-lined options or stylish leather designs, a versatile boot can keep you feeling nice and toasty while dealing with finicky spring weather.

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Jennifer Lopez’s boots

Jennifer Lopez's boots1

Jennifer Lopez, known for being a chart-topping music artist and award-winning artist, is a bonafide celeb whose style has become an inspiration for many, and her latest look proves why.

On Sunday, while out and about in New York City, Lopez was spotted while wearing a casual ensemble that exuded coolness. Lopez wore a form-fitting turtleneck with slouchy, baggy jeans and platform Ugg boots that caught our eye. Although Lopez’s outfit looked effortless and cute, the footwear is why we’re here today! We found the exact boots she wore on Zappos, and if we were you, we’d practically run to get them right now!

Jennifer Lopez’s boots: These Ugg Classic Mini Platforms are a true fashion girlie’s dream! They feature all the signature Ugg details like sheepskin uppers and a Treadlite outsole, but they also come with a fashion-forward chunky platform that will turn heads! Of course, they come lined with Uggplush recycled wool and stop right around the bottom of your calves.

Jennifer Lopez’s boots: Now that we’re fully in spring mode, it’s safe to say that most people are putting up their boots and warm clothing trinkets. But if you live in colder cities, you can still have some warm boot-wearing time left — slightly. So, to style these chic platforms, you could pair them with a lightweight sweater and jeans — ala Lopez — or rock them with a frilly skirt and a T-shirt for a Y2K look that allows you to breathe a little. Further, these boots come in four colors — we love the chestnut and burnt cedar variations — and have a 5 to 12-size range!

In regards to these height-defying boots, a happy Zappos customer noted, “As a vertically challenged person, I need platform height, and these are what I had always hoped for! The comfort of my UGGS with a little boost. Love!”

Another reviewer gushed, “The shoes are very comfy, and the platform is a lovely touch!”

Jennifer Lopez’s boots: Additionally, Uggs are a fall and winter classic that can fare well in spring — especially if you live in traditionally colder areas of the country. If you want to get a jumpstart on your fall attire or need a pair of boots to keep you warm now, this Jennifer Lopez-approved pair could be your answer!


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