Millie Bobby Brown’s childhood photos in a red Mickey Mouse dress that you won’t believe+funny photos

Millie Bobby Brown’s childhood: Millie Bobby Brown is deaf in one ear, having been born with only partial hearing on one side before eventually losing all of it, so she learned how to adapt to a trying circumstance at an early age.

This beautiful girl is now 20 years old and has become one of the most successful young actress.

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Millie Bobby Brown’s childhood

Millie Bobby Brown's childhood1
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Millie Bobby Brown’s childhood: When she was 8 years old, the Browns packed up and went to Orlando, Fla., after Millie became determined to pursue acting.

She enrolled in performing arts classes, booked some commercials (including a geographically friendly Disney World spot) and a talent scout who saw the child at a showcase advised that it would be a good idea to get Millie out to Los Angeles.

Millie got her first IMDb credit at 9, a two-episode arc as “Young Alice” in the short-lived Once Upon a Time spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland on ABC. In fact, she was so good in one episode, they wrote another one featuring the character expressly to bring her back.

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Millie Bobby Brown’s childhood: Her mom was more upset by the prospect of her 12-year-old daughter shaving her head to play the pivotal role of Eleven—a child who escapes from the confines of a facility where she’s being subjected to traumatizing tests that have infused her with telekinetic powers—than Milie was. The Duffers had really sold the actress on the idea when they explained they were going for a Charlize Theron-in-Mad Max: Fury Road vibe.

“I thought, ‘Wow, that’s such an amazing way to put it, you know?’ It was the best decision I’ve ever, ever made,” she told IndieWire.

Millie Bobby Brown’s childhood: “The day I shaved my head was the most empowering moment of my whole life,” Brown reflected during PaleyFest in 2018. “The last strand of hair cut off was the moment my whole face was on show and I couldn’t hide behind my hair like I used to. As I looked in the mirror I realized I had one job to do: inspire…Shaving your head is so empowering. You don’t need hair to be beautiful. You are beautiful with or without. I learnt that too.”

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