Photos of Hailey Bieber’s sister who is more beautiful than herself! + their handsome father

Photos of Hailey Bieber’s sister: Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) is on our radar nearly every day—whether we see her on the red carpet at Hollywood events, out with her famous friends, in ad campaigns for major fashion houses, or out on date nights with husband Justin.

But while much is known about the It girl, little is often said about her only sister, Alaia Baldwin, who has been making headlines as of late.

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Ahead, we break down everything we know about the older Baldwin.

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Who is she?

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Photos of Hailey Bieber’s sister: The first daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, Alaia, 31, is four years older than Hailey, 27. She was born January 23, 1993.

The siblings are very close. Alaia was in Hailey’s wedding to Justin in 2019, and the two have attended various red-carpet events together in the past.

The Rhode founder also regularly likes and comments on her sister’s social media posts.

Alaia married Pocket Ace Productions founder Andrew Aronow in 2017, and Hailey was her maid of honor.

Alaia and her husband welcomed daughter Iris Elle Aronow on August 17, 2020. The family of three lives in Nyack, New York, and Hailey and Justin have both visited and shared photos of themselves doting on their little niece.

What does she do?

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Hailey Bieber’s sister and father

Photos of Hailey Bieber’s sister: Like Hailey, Alaia is a model who has worked with brands including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. These days, she is also focused on being a mom and advocating for endometriosis awareness, since being diagnosed with the condition herself in 2016. As of this writing, her Instagram bio reads: “Day-by-day yolo-ing, one gluten-free meal at a time. ✨: Endometriosis 💪🏼 PCOS. 👯‍♀️Current position: #momager.”

Endometriosis causes tissue similar to the inner uterine lining to grow outside the uterus. The World Health Organization notes, “It can cause severe pain in the pelvis and make it harder to get pregnant.”

Alaia serves as an ambassador for the Endometriosis Foundation of America and wrote the foreword to Dr. Tamer Seckin’s 2020 book EndoMEtriosis: A Guide for Girls.

“That’s really been a big motivation for me to share and just be an open ear to anyone that wants to have someone to talk to or who understands,” she said in an August 2020 interview about her advocacy work.

“Because it can be so isolating when you’re in the middle of those [painful] moments by yourself. You don’t have anyone who knows what that’s like.”

She is very close with another Baldwin.

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Hailey Bieber’s sister and cousin

Photos of Hailey Bieber’s sister: Apart from being tight with Hailey, Alaia is also very close with their cousin Ireland Baldwin, the oldest daughter of actor Alec Baldwin, who has eight children, and actor Kim Basinger.

Alaia often shares photos of Ireland and her family on Instagram. Ireland, meanwhile, has credited Alaia with saving her life.

On an April 2022 episode of Red Table Talk, Ireland said her cousin helped her overcome her mental health and substance abuse issues in a big way.

“[Alaia] was the one who booked the ticket from New York and came to L.A. to see me. She was like, ‘Something’s up. … I sense something,’ ” she said. “She saved my life. I think I would have committed suicide, or I would have been dead for sure. I was so close. I could feel it getting to that point. And she saved my life. She pulled me out of it.”

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